Alright, I give up. I have been engaged since last January, and have managed to only mention my fiancé in passing without actually writing a blog about him, being engaged, or getting married.

But I can’t hold it in any longer, so here it goes: I’m down to counting weeks and days, and the realization is settling in that no longer will I have my same last name, or live in the same place, or anything like that, and I get to be with this guy I really love. I have to talk about it!

So I was racking my brain for a way I could actually incorporate the upcoming wedding day with marketing, and I had a thought – wait for it – SEO marketing is like being engaged!

People often think of the relationship between SEOs and Google as a one-way path: SEOs have learned ways to navigate Google’s search algorithm in order to maximize their clients’ SERP ranks. SEOs are therefore often thought of as somewhat parasitic—basing an entire business model on a major software platform while contributing nothing to said platform.

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Recently, Hotmail has been steadily releasing additional features for their e-mail users. These features offer users more flexibility in how they manage their Hotmail inbox. Of all of these features, e-mail marketers are paying the most attention to a new “one click unsubscribe” feature, designed to help users end subscriptions in a hassle-free way. Microsoft

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No, seriously. Marketing is squishy.

How, you ask? Well, I’ll explain: marketing is this little orange jelly and it’s got a texture like—oh, you mean for real?

I say that marketing is squishy because it is not as concrete as construction, nor as abstract as art. And I think many industries fall into this category, not just “marketing.” Any consulting services are “squishy” – intangible, but yet still a cornerstone of the business building model.