I’m still researching the world of online marketing, but I had to deviate today’s blog post because of today’s weather! It’s not fall yet, but I’m already giddy with anticipation. I suppose I’d be the sort of person to replace “Go and smell the roses!” with “Go and smell the dying leaves!”

I have heard many say that fear is a bad thing, because it discourages you from following the path that you really want to do. I’ve also heard many say that fear is a good thing, because it encourages you to consider the practical ramifications of high-risk paths, and enables you to manage risk successfully. However, I think that the truth is something of a hybrid. I believe that fear should never stop someone from pursuing what they are convinced they were put on this earth to do, but at the same time, that fear is what keeps us from becoming complacent in our passions.

I know, it sounds like a simple advertisement for our services. I know that saying as much probably makes you think that I’m saying it because I’m getting paid to promote the business. However, I do not make the statement lightly, and in fact, those who know me would say that I make this claim quite begrudgingly. During college, I held the firm belief that merit was all that mattered: Do your job well, and people will find you. However, what working at a marketing company has taught me is just how downright hard it is to find someone who isn’t trying to be found, and how easy it is to find people who do their job less well than the true experts, but know how to market their services. Guess who gets more business? In our fast-paced culture, easy-to-find matters, and you get there through marketing.