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Tamara and I sat down today and went over RevBuilders’ clients. She explained who they are, what they do, the services that we provide for them, and the contact person for each of the clients. We work with a broad range of clients from Connor’s Pest Control to Paul’s Best Lawn Service to the C.S. Lewis Institute, and a brand new client, K2 Trophies and Awards.

We have several clients whose new websites just launched or are about to launch. I have had the opportunity to look at both the old and new sites learning about the changes and updates that have been made. Today, I wrote press releases for True Deliverance Church of God and finished a release for Green Guard Pest Control Services. Both of these press releases were about their new websites. It was encouraging to hear both the positive feedback and constructive criticism I received as a result of these press releases.

We concluded the day today with a meeting of Scot, Tamara, and I. We met and discussed where we are on all of the writing projects that we have going on. We talked about the progress of our copywriters and what we can do to make their work more efficient. I will now be doing more research and brainstorming to help with blog and article topics and ideas. We don’t want to make our writing awkward by trying to fit in keywords just because they are keywords. We need our writing to make sense and to be reader-friendly. “No keyword stuffing,” Scot said. I immediately envisioned our copywriters trying to fit long words and phrases into a Thanksgiving bird.

Scot asked me about the classes that I have taken that directly pertain to advertising and public relations. This was good for me to think about, to make sure that I’m not wasting what I have learned in my classes. Because I have not written very many headlines, Scot gave me some great pointers on how to make my words matter. I’d love more advice and suggestions, if you have some to offer. Thanks!

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