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by Nathan S

Does your business have a blog? If so, how’s that going? Are you consistently meeting your quota for blogs in a given week or month? How’s the content?

These are the questions that any business owner should be asking themselves. However, some of these questions are a little difficult to answer solidly. As a result, you may be meeting your quota, but not be seeing much performance from your blog. Or, you struggle to meet your quota and wind up falling behind on fresh content entirely. So, what’s going wrong? Here are some tips to consider.

Write Something You Can Share

This is, by far, the best thing you can do for your business blog. If you are writing on topics which your market niche does not care about, it becomes a great deal more difficult to share them on your social media outlets with good results. Rather than seeing the content as a marketing tool, try viewing it as a product in and of itself. This will encourage you to make marketable content, which in turn can be leveraged for better response on social media, the blog, and on conversions. Some aspects of this do take some practice, especially if you aren’t much of a writer, but having a strong idea is often good enough for people to see the value in your work.

Links are Your Goal… Right?

This points directly back to the first tip. Your blogs are most valuable when they are able to be commoditized and linked to by people. This means having something which a visitor to your site will find interesting, informative, or some combination of the two. Seek to teach your visitors something, and they will reward you with backlinks which will build your site’s reputation. This means more exposure, and if you don’t want more exposure, why are you blogging?

Stop Selling Yourself (Most of the Time)

Blogging has developed this nasty reputation of being nothing more than a self-promotion device. Though it’s true that most bloggers (personal and business) are doing it to gain some attention for themselves, the best bloggers don’t talk about themselves very often. Or, at least, they talk about themselves in a way that’s interesting. Salesy copy is more likely to drive customers away if it is everywhere on your blog. While one goal of corporate blogging is lead generation, make sure that there is some other value you are providing, at least most of the time.

Consistency, Constancy, Stability

Build a brand with your blog. That sounds pretty hard, doesn’t it? However, the truth is, a brand is just the overall imprint of your company. Your blog is going to affect your brand whether you intentionally direct it or not. So you can either destroy your brand with your blog or you can build it, and there isn’t really a third option. Building your brand means posting in a writing style (casual, formal or somewhere in between) which consistently reflects and represents your overall brand messaging. If you’ve built your brand right, this just means consistently being your best self.

These are just a few quick tips from RevLand. Let us know your thoughts!

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