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Enhance Usability With These Mobile Website Design Tips

Mobile websites are the latest craze, and with an increasing number of people using smartphones and tablets, there’s a good reason. As people around the world adopt these devices, having web design that fits the mobile bill is more important than ever. It’s vital to capture this growing market quickly; don’t let a competitor swoop in and steal business because your mobile website design is lacking.

The following 6 tips offer ways to optimize mobile website design:

  • Keep the content as similar as possible. When presented with a truncated mobile site, many users will click ‘desktop version’ to get the content they need. Make sure all relevant information translates correctly to a mobile platform. If not, the mobile site will quickly lose relevancy, as people will be struggling to interpret the desktop page on their phone.
  • Would an app be better? Apps are great for focused and personalized browsing. They tend to be better for businesses with direct web traffic; designers counting on visits from shared links may want to stick with a traditional mobile website. However, since apps can be an excellent way to grow business, spend some time thinking about this decision.
  • Simple is best. Because of smaller screens, mobile website design needs to be simple. Visitors will be frustrated trying to navigate a page that is distracting or complicated.
  • Use text-based links. While a desktop website can use flashy navigation, mobile web design should be text-based for easier browsing. Too many bells and whistles can make browsing on a mobile device very difficult.
  • Don’t overcrowd. Don’t be guilty of placing too much information on a mobile site. Since screens are smaller, use plenty of white space to promote easy browsing.
  • Test for compatibility. Remember, customers use a wide variety of mobile devices. When engaging in web design, test on multiple devices to see what the results will look like for different users.

Put yourself in the shoes of the user for best results. There’s no better way to enhance mobile web design than by understanding the customer experience.

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