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by Becky O.sherwin-williams-colorsnap-app

I feel like most of my posts center on the topic of social media, but then again, this is a blog, right?

I spent some time with Facebook today. It started when I was reading a blog focused on social media and it had an entry about Facebook and their requirements in upgrading groups. As Facebook and every form of social media are constantly changing, Facebook is requiring their groups to update to the new version of group pages. Apparently, there have been problems with upgrading groups and that it has deleted all members of the group. This could be a problem.

My initial thought was, “Is RevBuilders going to lose all of it’s member on Facebook?”. Well, as I thought about it, I realized that RevBuilders is not a group on Facebook. It is actually a Place. Wait, what does that mean? Through some research, I discovered that Facebook offers different categories of profiles.

People: your typical personal profile
Groups: initially created to send messages to all members at one time
Places: a user can check in at the company’s physical location (similar to foursquare)
Pages: a business profile

We currently only have a Place on Facebook, so I’m continuing to do research to remedy that situation. We would like to also have a Page for RevBuilders, but I am still not entirely sure the difference between a Page and a Place, since our Place seems to have all of the capabilities of a Page. Wow, I’m confusing myself.

After I thoroughly baffled myself, I moved on to looking at mobile marketing for the rest of the day. I’ll get back to Facebook tomorrow.

I came across Sherwin Williams ColorSnap App. This App allows you to take a picture of an object and select the color in the picture. It then gives you the name of the color, the RGB, and coordinating swatches to match with that color. Then, it gives you information on the closest Sherwin Williams store that can create this color for you. So even if you don’t want paint of that color, you still have the RGB details to include this color in your website, blog, or design project.

The ColorSnap App was developed and released in 2009, so I would assume that it has improved and been developed further in the last two years. I want a Smartphone just for all the neat apps. I may not ever use them for a purpose, but I wouldn’t doubt their entertainment.

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