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by Becky O.Mexico-0761

I spent the majority of my time today working with WordPress to manipulate the html code to do exactly what I wanted it to do. I had never worked with html coding prior to my time at RevBuilders, so today was a learning experience, but an adventure none the less. It included a lot of trial and error to figure out what each edit changed on the page.

I would keep the original entry open in one window, edit the content in a separate tab and open the edited version in another window. That way, I could place the old and new posts side-by-side and compare the differences. Sometimes, the changes that I made created no visible difference, sometimes they changed things that I did not intend to change and still other times they had the opposite affect of what had been anticipated. I’m still learning, so if you know of a great site to help out in understanding simple html coding, then let me know!

A random fact about me: I like to take pictures. I am not necessarily very good at it, but God makes it a little easier when He creates a beautiful landscape for me to work with. The above picture was taken in Murrells Intlet, SC.

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