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Pay Per Click, or PPC, is one of the most effective and increasingly common methods of generating web traffic. PPC refers to advertising in which companies make money every time their ad is clicked. The advertisements then redirect the web visitor to the landing page of the company. PPC is expensive, but it can also reap great rewards.

When putting money into PPC, strive to put your best face forward with the landing page. This is the page internet users will first see, and it will be the first impression your product will leave. Make that impression count. Here are some tips for creating the most effective landing page:

  • Make the page immediately relevant. If your visitors don’t see what they came to see, they will not spend the time looking for it.
  • Keep your message consistent. If the visitor was directed to your page from an advertisement worded in a specific way, make sure that same wording is a key feature on your page. You want the customer to know they have arrived at the right place.
  • Make your call to action, or CTA, hard to miss. Big, bold, and designed to catch your readers’ attention, the CTA should be convincing, easy to read, and easy to understand.
  • Keep it short. Eliminate any unnecessary text or graphics that lengthen the page and distract the reader from the main message. This is not to say graphics are bad – just make sure they are relevant.
  • Use video and images. Testimonial videos or videos describing the product break up the text and keep your potential client interested and engaged.
  • Make the page shareable. With the popularity of social media, one of the best ways for your product to get views is for a customer to share it on his or her Facebook or Twitter page.

For additional information just click on PPC Management.

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