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by Nathan S

A recent report on people’s search engine habits has shown that Microsoft’s Bing engine has siphoned off a few percentage points of Google’s search queries in the past month. While not anywhere near the numbers necessary to call Bing a “Google killer,” this number does seem to represent a fairly significant success on the part of Microsoft.

The report in question, created by Experian Hitwise, shows that after Bing and Yahoo’s search partnership, the companies were able to take an additional sliver of the online search market from Google. While Google still dominates people’s searches, with 65.09% of searches being conducted by the giant, this number is down from 66.05% the previous month. Sound insignificant? Yes, kind of, but the truth is that this marks the first time Google has lost any measurable amount of search traffic for quite some time. Furthermore, with Bing-powered search having gone up to about 29% from 28% the previous month, it is plainly clear where Google’s losses went.

This has been Microsoft’s stated goal with Bing, making the headway made by the search provider just a little bit more interesting. While it would be silly to say that Bing is making an appreciable amount of headway against Google, it would seem that they are succeeding by their own definition: Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, alleged its goals with Bing was simply to “gain a few points, a tenth here, a tenth there, and just keep working and working.”

So far, then, it looks like Mr. Ballmer is getting exactly what he wants. However, how far could the Bing/Yahoo partnership actually go with this? Is it conceivable to think that Bing will ever become a threat to Google? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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