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Part 1: Comment Tags

Black Hat SEO

There are, when you get right down to it, two basic types of SEO: “White hat,” which focuses on the provision of quality, relevant content, and “black hat” which focuses on hiding as many keywords in your site as possible in the hopes of tricking search engine web crawlers. When search engine web crawlers were dumber, black hat SEO was an efficient and cheap way to get your site to the top of search rankings, whether people were looking for you or not. However, it was always a temporary burst, and often did more harm than good as search engines flagged your site as spam and prevented it from showing up at all. There were many ways to try and trick search engines; however, today most search engines have counter-measures in place to outsmart these tactics. In the next two posts we will discuss three of these tactics and what search engines are doing to render them ineffective.

Today, we discuss comments. No, we aren’t referring to the comments at the bottom of a company’s blog. Rather, what we are talking about is the comment tag of the HTML scripting language. Comment tags are normally used by programmers and web designers to help improve the readability of their code. They allow text to be readable in the source code without having any effect on a given website. As you can probably guess, it was once a black hat SEO technique to cram keywords into comments: a visitor to the site would never see them, no matter where they looked on the site. However, since the web crawler is a program that is reading the source, it would find these keywords. The idea, then, was that it would count these comments towards your site’s relevancy.

Primitive web crawlers couldn’t differentiate the comments from web content, which was what made this practice effective. However, today’s web crawlers are much more sophisticated, and most search algorithms completely ignore comments today.

RevBuilders uses only white hat SEO techniques to bring your website to the top. This means that you will never have an issue with your site being marked as spam. Don’t settle for black hat techniques which work for a short term at best, and most likely not at all. Call us today for a free SEO audit.

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