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by Scot S.

First, I have to say it has been a crazy week, good crazy, but crazy nonetheless. New customers (always good), new proposals (thankful), new services to launch (exciting), internal systems to improve (hard work), current customer workload (thankful), and the list goes on. But I am not complaining; I am very thankful and appreciate that RevBuilders is growing and we have more work to do than time to do it in.

But this week, while spending some time on Facebook, I have come to a few conclusions that I wish to share with all of you and get your feedback and viewpoint. I spend time each day on the various social networks, staying in touch with both business and personal friends, looking for new opportunities, and trying to “engage.” Engagement: it’s the new buzz word coming from all the “social media experts” out there. Which reminds me: Can someone please explain to me how we have so many social media experts overnight? I thought you had to do something for ten years before you were considered an expert.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. Two important events took place this week in my surf time.

First, a post came from my step father-in-law that instantly changed my thinking.480165_368279909869015_100000610271289_1229651_1081669640_n

“ Promote what you love instead of bashing what
you hate” It came from Thomas Barrett’s Photos

It really struck a chord with me: A rush of conviction came pouring in. Had I gotten caught up in “the negatives” of life, seeing what I did not like instead of seeing all of the blessings and good things that were happening? The honest answer is yes.

At one point in my life I was an external optimist: drove my wife crazy. What I realized in a moment is that I had become a bitter old pessimist, mad at the world. My heart sank with sadness, but in the same moment I instantly rejoiced because I knew deep down I was turning from my dark, pessimistic ways and moving towards the light of optimism was again. Thank you, Jim.

Second, the following day, I believe, I saw a post in my Facebook feed with foul language, and very cutting, poisonous and inaccurate comments against the GOP and our beliefs. I was a bit surprised by who the feed came from. I knew they were on the left, which is cool with me, but the hardness of the message did not fit this person.

So I simply posted: Do we really need to post things with such foul language…

And oh my! More torrid remarks ensued.

My next post: Sorry ….. But I will have to remove you from my Facebook. (This was a mistake on my part. Should not have announced this)

Then the army came marching in to defend this person: Attacks on me, and, of course, more bad language ensued. Even though you unfriend someone, you can still see the current post, and I do not think they knew this. The more they commented, the worse it got. It gave me some good insight into the thinking of some: It is very scary.

To be fair, the person who did the original post was apologetic and understood that I have 16- and 14-year-old girls on Facebook who are my friends, so I cannot and will not tolerate any thing of this nature.

I learned a long time ago you become who you hang around.  So, I am changing who I hang with on my social networks. Life is too short, so I will only be keeping those people who inspire, encourage and challenge me in a positive way. What about you?

Is there a dark side to social media? I think so, and if we are not careful it could lead us down the rabbit hole. It is just too easy to be nasty, rude and just uncivil when you are hiding behind a computer screen and not looking someone in the eye. One comment in the thread said if they defriended everyone who used foul language they would have no friends. What does that say?

Well, I will continue to take a stand and weed out my Facebook. I am quite sure I will have plenty of friends still standing. I will also continue to add friends with different viewpoints and beliefs than myself as long as I do not get attacked for mine. I think it is important for those of us who differ to have a civil conversation, as I do with my father-in-law Jim, but I refuse to be belittled, mocked and called names because I have a different viewpoint. I like a good banter, but let’s keep it civil and with honor.

This is America, and we all the freedom and right to believe what we want. We also have the freedom to voice our disagreement with how others believe, but I believe we have a responsibility to do it with respect and grace.

So if you feel so led, please join me in spreading my new motto for Facebook.Facebook Motto

Hope you join me. I wonder how many likes and shares we can get. Please let me know your feedback.
I will post all comments that are not offensive.

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