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In the modern digital age, the number of people who “did web design for a club in college” or perhaps like to write a little code on the side is rising to higher than ever levels. Though the rising levels of code literacy are a good sign for our society in general, you might want to think twice before hiring your college-age neighbor to design your website. While he or she may do a great job, and perhaps has even designed websites before, his or her knowledge of marketing and advertising may be lacking.

Hiring a professional to design your webpage has many benefits. Here is a list of some of these advantages:

  • Consistent branding. All of your advertising should have the same logos, taglines, and color schemes to present a consistent picture to the customer. A professional knows to pay attention to these details.
  • Unique and competitive website. Hiring a professional to design your website ensures high quality work that is distinct from other companies and other websites. It gives you a competitive edge and a clean finish that a general, amateur-designed webpage may not have.
  • Save money in the long term. If you hire a professional web designer to create your web page, you can guarantee the page will still be relevant long into the future. If necessary, the designer can also make it possible for you to make simple updates on your own. This saves a lot of time and money not needing to redesign your site every 6 months.
  • Higher customer viewership. The more polished and compelling your website is, the higher your viewership will be. Your customers will be more trusting of a professionally designed webpage than of a lower quality one, and they will be more likely to purchase your product.

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"I have a great passion for the visual aesthetic, and an even greater passion for incorporating these great tools of communication into promotional and marketing strategies. Being able to design, direct and implement elements that transforms a perception is such a rewarding task."