Whether you’re ready to usher 2016 out the door or are trying to squeeze much-needed time out of the upcoming weeks, there’s no avoiding the rapid approach of 2017. While the start of yet another new year may not feel so serious, it’s time to start thinking about your marketing methodologies. Many of your strategies

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While there is nothing wrong with having Facebook specials to encourage people to like your page, there needs to be a reason that someone would check in with you other than this bribery if you want to take your Facebook page to the next level. Show potential customers that you keep up-to-date in your industry by sharing content from industry publications.

Change happens. We can resist it, we can fight it (often to our own detriment), but change happens nonetheless. So, I’ve heard some recent reports of (gasp) more changes to social media outlets. These don’t sound as drastic as the timeline update for Facebook, but there are still changes. There always will be changes.