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It is not always the case, but more likely than not the success of a logo can be measured by its impact and development of brand recognition.  The company’s logo is usually the easiest and most convenient way for its marketing department to translate meaning and basic understanding of itself to potential customers, clients and the world. So, if given a hypothetical voice, the logo speaks at the highest decibel when compared to the rest of the brand’s assets. But it’s important to remember that without support, a lonely cry will soon go hoarse.

logo-design-revbuildersA logo needs aid to be successful. Without sustenance and investment, the effectiveness of a lonely mark will be depleted in the overall development of a brand. A well-designed symbol may degrade quickly as it is placed on generic stationary or passed from print shop to agency without guidelines or brand reinforcement. Shouting from the rooftops is an immense task for any lone vessel.

Very rarely does one find that responsibility so often and squarely shouldered upon any other piece of collateral then the company logo. Commonly, the CEO or entrepreneur sees their company’s “marketing success” through the development of a great symbol. The notion that a brand’s market position, services, mission statement, value proposition, etc., can be communicated entirely though its logo is an unfair expectation to have.

We commonly see the snarled mess of conflicting thoughts, visions and focuses muddled into a poorly designed logo, which in turn accomplishes very little, and instead creates a sense of confusion. The successful logo is one that creates a clearer message, a message that gives its audience a small understanding of why they would choose to engage with this brand over some other. People understand a great deal about one other from an immediate handshake; even more so then if they were to say, embrace, kiss or touch intimately at an introductory meeting. Speaking too much can be equally as damaging as not speaking at all.

There is also a common expectation that a newly created logo will have the same impact of other established and existing brands’.


That a newly created logo is able to communicate the same quantity of branding or messaging, that anestablished logo like Coca-Cola or Apple can, is a complete misunderstanding. Established and successful logos are reinforced through customer experiences and consistent messaging that is in line with overall company branding. 

Today’s athlete does not understand the entire brand position of Nike through its swoosh, but instead understands through supporting items like Michael Jordan and “Just Do It”. The impact of the swoosh today is only a reminder of past experience for its audience, something that is impossible for a recently developed logo to accomplish immediately.



But imagine if the Nike swoosh were instead the shape of an underwear tag, or even a bowl of fruit. The Brand Nike would not be understood as it is right now. With that being said, it’s extremely crucial to understand the logo as both the ignition and the catalyst of brand development. It is able to communicate many things, but without support and assistance of additional elements, a full capacity of success will never be achieved. And without appropriate, initial design, a logo may damage or even undercut the effectiveness of a company’s brand messaging.

Ultimately, a good logo will provide a clear sense of company purpose and direction, while establishing a foundation for successful and continued communication. This is no small task, indeed.



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"I have a great passion for the visual aesthetic, and an even greater passion for incorporating these great tools of communication into promotional and marketing strategies. Being able to design, direct and implement elements that transforms a perception is such a rewarding task."