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by Becky O.

I came in to the office today to a project, a mission, if you will. I guess that means that I am kind of like James Bond, but don’t worry, I don’t have a license to kill.

We have a potential client that works and volunteers with the military and he would like for the information about his company and what they do for the armed forces to be shared with the community.  I was asked to create a media list of public relations contacts that write content pertaining to the government and the military. So I went in to our giant media contact database and pulled out applicable candidates to put on the list. I organized these contacts based on their information. If any information was missing, I researched and found the information. Mission completed.

I also read from the book, Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are by Cindy Krum. It discussed location-based Bluetooth marketing, something I had never given thought to. This is when a store or restaurant sends marketing messages to a consumer when they are in the area. For example, you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, you are walking downtown and you get within a certain distance of local coffee shop, Drew’s Brew. Drew’s Brew can send you a message via Bluetooth making you aware of their coffee of the day or the specials that they are running. A clever idea, however, you still only reach a certain audience, the one that walks around on their Bluetooth. Maybe I don’t know enough people, but I don’t know many who use a Bluetooth.

The book also talked about how mobile marketing isn’t for every company. The resources have to be available to make it work, both financial, technical and personnel. You have to have a specific objective of your mobile marketing. Additionally, if your target market doesn’t own a cell phone, then you’ve probably got the wrong marketing strategy.

Oh, and it is a close call between Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

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