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by Nathan S
Seemingly in response to the feedback various SEO, online marketing, and social media bloggers, Google has implemented something which I had mentioned in a December 12 blog as being conspicuously missing: multiple admins for Google+.

That’s right: By the time you read this blog, Google+ should have enabled multiple admin access to your brand page. Those of you who have used Facebook pages will find a lot of things similar about how Google+ does multiple admin access. Admin access is limited to 50, and access is added by an existing administrator adding “managers” to the page.

The process in Google+, specifically, for adding admins goes like this:
• Log into your Google+ Business Page
• Go to your business page
• Click on the “settings” menu, indicated by a gear symbol.
• Click “managers”

On the resulting page, you can add managers by entering the e-mail addresses of those whom you want to give administrative access. This means that a single Brand Page can have multiple accounts associated with it, enabling a business to have multiple editors of their Brand Page. Alternately, this enables a business to turn over editing of their Brand Page to another business or freelancer without having to give them access to their private account. Obviously, this is a great thing for marketers and marketing on Google+, enabling brands to get involved with the platform in much the same way as Facebook.

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