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Google Panda update 2.3 was applied once more earlier this week, and once again RevBuilders Marketing clients have come out ahead of the fold. None of our clients have seen Panda’s wrath as we continue to provide high-quality optimized web content.

The update itself was not much of a change in the actual algorithm: a few tweaks here and there to help differentiate higher- and lower-quality sites. Rather, Panda 2.3 mostly marks the most recent time the algorithm was applied to search rankings. While some have speculated that Panda is now a “rolling” algorithm—that is, automated to allow for multiple daily updates—Google has denied this theory. However, it looks as though Google is getting close to what they’re looking for in the algorithm, and it appears as though they are satisfied with the results. As such, we can expect, for the moment, for there to be updates approximately once per month to Panda results.

For many companies, this regular search for low-quality websites has been an incredible frustration. These sites were not ready for Panda, and will take quite some time before they will recover. This offers an incredible opportunity to those sites which have always provided high-quality content, as their search rankings gain ground on the competition.

While other websites get hit hard by the update, RevBuilders and its clients have stayed on top by providing real, relevant content and well-optimized sites. With the Panda updates trying to crack down on black hat SEO techniques, white hat SEO companies like RevBuilders are the ones coming out on top because we do not try to fool search engines. Rather, we provide search engines quality content which demonstrates its relevancy naturally. This is how we keep our clients on top through various updates: We do SEO the way it is meant to be done.

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