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by Craig Robinson

Online trends indicate that mobile is soon going to become the top dog in terms of how consumers access the Internet. There are currently more mobile subscriptions on the planet than people, and the numbers continue to climb with every new mobile release. By the time that the next generation of smartphones and game consoles becomes widespread, billions of people are going to have access to the Internet in a high-speed capacity. So, if you’re operating a business online and using social media to bolster your brand, mobile marketing is definitely something you should be focusing on.

However, it’s not enough just to throw together a mobile marketing campaign. If you’re hoping to operate a successful campaign that helps you compete in today’s market, it’s all about reaching out and getting personal with your audience. How do you get started, though? Simple: Follow along with the seven tips below and learn how you can get personal in your mobile marketing.

1: Avoid the Machines

Auto-responding software might come in handy for email marketing or for sending a simple thank you message for new opt-ins, but it’s not personal at all. If your goal is to reach more people on a more personable level, it’s all about adding the human element to your messages. Mobile messages are usually very short, so it’s not a big deal to construct them yourself or to otherwise ensure that a live person is putting them together.

2: Use a Person’s Name

As mentioned above, mobile messages should be brief. You can use this to your advantage when looking to make your messaging more personal. Since mobile messages are brief, it is possible to address people individually much easier than longer forms of messaging. Address everyone by name, and you will make them feel as if the message was constructed specifically for them.

3: Segment Your Base

You can use the various data you collect from people when they opt into your network to segment your base into different groups. What kind of groups do you want to put people in? It depends on how you’re operating your campaign, but one way to do it would be to rank people in terms of likelihood of ultimately becoming a customer. The closer they are to matching your customer criteria, the more personal and persistent you’ll be in messaging.

4: Target Your Market’s Needs

Any type of targeting you’re doing via your mobile marketing on Facebook is most likely catering to the needs of your particular market already, but you can make things a lot more personal by addressing specific needs of your market, both on a personal level or as they arise per trend. Make sure that you’re addressing specific needs of a narrow market and your marketing will come across as if it was specifically tailored for that group of individuals.

5: Personalize Landing Pages

Any mobile marketing material worth its salt is going to call for some sort of action and most likely drive the recipient to a specific location. Take the extra step here and actually design a personalized landing page using information you’ve gleaned from your marketing research and campaign thus far. When people arrive at the destination, they will feel right at home if you implement this extra step to personalize your marketing.

6: Provide Promotions and Contents

A great way to get personal is to offer incentives for your market. Of course, you want these promotions to address specific needs and cater to what your market wants, but the point is to make people feel like they’re actually participating in the brand experience rather than acting as an observer. This is an engaging touch that adds a lot of personality to your brand, and advertising your promotions via mobile methods also gives you a great reason to reach out to your audience.

7: Branch Out to Different Social Networks

You shouldn’t stick with only one social network if you’re hoping to make a splash with your mobile marketing. You can easily tie your social networks in together, so joining up with Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other networks outside of Facebook is a smart move. The more socially involved you are with your campaign, the more personal you appear.

Statistics demonstrate that mobile marketers reaching out on a personal level have exponentially more success, so it’s imperative on your part that you implement the steps necessary to personalize your campaign. These tips are a great place to start, but you should never stop looking for different ways to add a personal touch.

Author’s Bio: Craig Robinson is one of the Editors of Qwaya – a Facebook ad management tool. Besides writing about social media strategies, Craig covers topics within social media context and advertisement.

Thanks, Craig!

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