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I know, I know. You still have about 15 hours before the ball drops on 2012 and we start 2013. Though I must say, even if you have no idea what you are going to change for next year, we do have some good news. We’re still here, and therefore survived whatever end of age occurred in the Mayan calendar. So, that’s good.

At any rate, New Years’ Day is a great time to evaluate where you have been in the past year, both in a personal sense and a professional/business sense, and is kind of a person’s annual performance review on themselves. There are plenty of people who would argue that an annual performance review isn’t really the best way to manage employees, but sometimes you just need to see the big picture and ask yourself, “How can I make this better?” Being able to do that with every day, week, and month is equally important, but for different reasons.

Think about the resolutions that most people make. The reason that they’re New Years’ Resolutions is because they are big, sweeping, hard projects. Losing 25 pounds isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen quickly. Likewise, there are many business owners who make big goals and get discouraged when they do not fall into place quickly or cleanly. The New Year isn’t a time to set the weekly goal, so-to-speak. Rather, it should be about the change in attitude, or a big, overarching goal that will, if successfully done, bring about radical change in the business.

This New Years’, then, what I would encourage you to do as a small business owner, is to make a resolution for yourself and your personal life, but also one for your business. Find the issue that you think is just too hard to fix because, at work, you think short-term. Then, be candid about what it takes to fix the issue, and make a resolution that your business will be better. If you want it, and are willing to fight for it, you’ll find yourself in a very different place this time next year.

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