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So Many Distractions During Social Media Marketingby Tamara S.

I was really relieved to have stumbled across this blog by KISSmetrics about social media distractions titled “Stop Bothering Me! The Cure to Common Social Media Distractions.” Because honestly, I really like social marketing, but sometimes I find myself unsure of when I’m actually doing social marketing, and when I’m just having fun. I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets distracted!

Particularly, the hardest part for me to understand is the networking aspect. It feels like a never-ending facet of business. And I find it very fascinating, but how much networking – or social marketing – is too much?

This blog is more just me agreeing with the above post, and I’m kind of curious – what sorts of things distract you the most while you’re doing “social marketing”? For me, right now it’s when I see posts on Facebook involving my past wedding, or when I see a company or someone’s comment that makes me think, “Oh, that would be a good post for The Guardian of Hope* to like and respond to!”

Or worse, the chat box opens:

Friend: “Hi Tamara! How are you??”
Me: “I’m good, but I’m at work.”
Friend: “Oh, cool. Let me tell you about my life since we last talked!”
Me: “Um, no, really, I’m at work.”
Friend: “So here’s everything that’s happened since earlier this week!”

It’s hard, because I am sincerely interested in listening to them. (Yes, I am interested – I’m not being sarcastic!) However, I’m supposed to be doing work stuff. I had to turn off the Facebook chat box while at work, just to avoid this issue.

Twitter is worse, because RevBuilders works with a cool system that brings a bunch of the tweets in…but of course, that means I get to see every. Piece. Of. News. Possible. I might not believe most of the news, but there’s a lot that piques my curiosity when you’ve got hundreds, maybe thousands, of tweets going across the screen.

So let me know – what distracts you most while you’re doing “social marketing,” and how do you combat the distractions?

*For those that don’t know, The Guardian of Hope is my book series. First book in the series is published, working on the second.

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