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by Becky O.Zach Morris 2

I was part of a Yelp webinar today. The topic was “Best Practices for Responding to Reviews”. I thought that this would be helpful considering our recent creation of a Yelp account for Connor’s Pest Control. The webinar was more informative and helpful than I expected after my recent dealings and frustrations with Yelp. They answered several of my questions and gave information that I hadn’t thought to ask. Well done, Yelp! You still have a little more to go, but you are on the right track to redeeming yourself.

After my webinar I had a chance to talk with Tamara about the information that was discussed by Yelp and we also talked about social media. I have come to realize over the past couple of months that even though I am not personally very involved with social media, other people are. Social media is truly revolutionizing the way that companies do business. Think back 20 years ago, the summer of 1991, what were you doing that summer? Did you spend much time on the internet? How about your cell phone? (Zach Morris can give you a friendly reminder of what your cell phone looked like). Personally, I spent most of my time sleeping in my cozy crib.

Needless to say, things certainly have changed.

I have been doing research on social media lately and I spent part of today looking a business pages on Facebook and comparing them to our own page. I also had the chance to figure out exactly what LinkedIn is and what it offers. Honestly, I had never heard of it before coming on board with RevBuilders. If I am understanding things correctly, it is a social media site designed for business networking purposes. It can help to connect you to employers, companies, and former coworkers. From there, you can network with people and companies that your connections know. As someone graduating from college in a year, I think I will utilize LinkedIn in the near future.

Click on the picture and jam out!

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