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by Tamara R.
Mr. RevSun Hm.  I cannot believe it’s Friday already.  I thought I just wrote my last post!  Well, to catch you up on my week, I’ve been sick since last Friday, and just sitting sort of propped up my chair the last hour, trying to do things that a sick brain can do. I’m one of those people that when I’m ill, I lose brain capacity or something – it’s like half of my brain just shuts down.

On the one hand, this is extremely frustrating, especially when I feel awful and there’s not much wrong with me (goodness’ sake, I don’t even have a fever, it’s really stupid). But on the other hand, I’m an excellent artist when I’m sick.

No, really, I am! I become the most avid doodler in the world (plus it’s a safe and unobtrusive way of keeping me awake and upright). And while some things have been much more difficult this week, other things have become easier, and there have been some tasks that I’ve been able to do faster than normal.

Why? Because the critical side of my brain stops judging myself as much. I suddenly have tons of marketing ideas because I’ve stopped criticizing every single idea that I come up with without looking at the idea first. This doesn’t mean that all my ideas are excellent while sick. In fact, a lot of it I’ve just been throwing out. But when I stop criticizing myself outright, I give enough time to look at the idea and actually consider if it’s worth investigating, and there are some pearls to be found in the midst of the mud. Kind of hard to have a marketing idea, in fact, if you don’t brainstorm at all.

This is huge in pretty much everything you do. How will you start a business, or launch a new program, or contact an unlikely sales lead, or write a book, or try anything remotely insane and out-of-the-ordinary, if you don’t brainstorm ideas first?

I believe it was in my 7th grade year, in my English class, I received a story that an author had written. Thereafter I’ve heard many different versions, but the basic premise was that you must, absolutely must, divide out the different parts of your brain to work together, not against each other. Meaning, let your “Creator” side of your mind free to brainstorm, and keep your “Editor” side of your brain waiting until you’re done brainstorming. Let the Creator brainstorm, let it imagine, dream, whatever you want to call it. You can give it an allotted amount of time if you don’t want to be brainstorming forever, though I certainly recommend giving that side of your mind breathing room from time to time. Then bring in the Editor, the logical side, and search through the finger-painted canvas for a piece of artwork. It works so much better, keeping these sides of your brain working together, and not with the Editor chasing after the Creator with an eraser and duct tape. I know I struggle from time to time to be more Creative, because it’s so easy to feel like ideas are silly or ridiculous, but without lots of ideas, it’s hard to come across a good one.

Hopefully my ramblings have helped in some way. I’m off to go rest – I’ll re-read this next week and make corrections then.

PS – No, I did not make this sun on any client time. Please don’t be concerned about my doodling having affected your hours for the month. Instead, enjoy the little warmth Mr. RevSun provides on this cooler day.

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Tamara Schaad

Writing has been a long-time love of mine, and RevBuilders offers me a wide variety of opportunities to hone my skills in written communication. I also love making plans and processes, and to serve both our team and our customers in a number of ways, making sure that everyone involved in the day-to-day operations is happy.