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Guest post 4 of 4. Warning…Michael Jackson references ahead.

“Beat it! Beat it!” Oh. You’re here. I shall now put away my MJ music…ahem.

I’m not sure how many people in Scot’s life were aware, but he’s been working on losing weight this year. He had the goal fairly early on, maybe even as a New Year’s Resolution, but he truly started trying to lose weight around March…and he’s already almost to his year-long goal as of the end of August (I haven’t asked him lately).

I’ve been so excited for him that I wanted to write a blog post about it for him. I know that can seem kind of silly…but he started at 247 lbs. and is down to 212 lbs. from March to August. That’s a lot of weight!

What’s been really neat was Scot explaining to me how he started losing weight. It’s the same way he stopped biting his nails (don’t worry, I asked permission to say all of this before writing this blog post for him!) I thought it was easier to just quote his comment to me:

“I have to tell you…it’s been weird losing weight. Eating right. Exercising. Because it happened in the same way that I stopped biting my nails. Did I ever tell you about that? I tried everything that was out there to stop biting my nails. I’d put tape on my fingers, I would put bad-tasting stuff on them…everything. Finally, I prayed about it. Then I woke up one morning and thought to myself, ‘I don’t bite my fingernails.’ And that was it! It was this thought of ‘I don’t do that.’ Not, ‘I will not do that,’ but simply, ‘I don’t.’

“The same thing happened with my weight loss. I’ve tried a ton of stuff, fad diets, and more. After I prayed about it, I woke up one day deciding, ‘I eat like this.’” [“this” being a healthier diet that Scot and I had talked about on occasion over the last few months] “Again, it wasn’t ‘I will eat like this’ or ‘I don’t eat these things,’ but rather, ‘I eat this.’ A little later, I had the same response with working out: ‘I work out.’ Again, it wasn’t ‘I will’ but ‘I do.’”

I was so struck by this active thought process. It was never to persuade himself, but a simple statement of “This is what I do.” I’ve started applying this to myself, and it’s amazing how it works. You don’t just…say that you will do something, but you do it. Pardon my MJ reference, but he didn’t think “I will beat it,” he thought “Just beat it.” Amazing, huh?

I hope I’ve got the opportunity to check in with Scot again, and see how he’s doing. I’ve been very inspired to “just do it,” or rather, “just beat it.” What a great way to get things done! Go Scot!

Now…back to the music! “Cause this is Thriller!”

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