Create 50 unique ideas to be posted on Quality Garage Doors VA’s social media platforms; HMM…I can do this! I’ve been listening to teachers yap, constantly, about marketing for three years. In fact, I’ve been on Facebook since I was in 8th grade, and now I’m 21, so this can’t be too bad, right? Surely

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A few weekends ago my oldest daughter Hannah and I were out weeding our blueberries. Out of the blue she makes a pretty cool observation about weeds and friends: “Weeds are like friends.  Some have shallow roots and die off easy and some have one strong root that go deep.”

Change happens. We can resist it, we can fight it (often to our own detriment), but change happens nonetheless. So, I’ve heard some recent reports of (gasp) more changes to social media outlets. These don’t sound as drastic as the timeline update for Facebook, but there are still changes. There always will be changes.