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by Becky O.Live and Let Die

This morning I did some research and made some assignments for our copy editors. This led me to my task of continuing to work on the FAQ page that will go on our new website. I have thought that this would be a quick and easy task, but it is taking more time than what was anticipated.

After researching the questions that people are asking about SEO, it turns out that there is a lot of information that people want to know. This is understandable if a company is going to spend money and invest in SEO.

In speaking with the RevMan the first time, I was unaware of what SEO actually was. I had heard of it in a couple of my classes, but I didn’t know more than a simple definition: getting your company ranked higher in search engines. Before I joined the RevBuilders team, I familiarized myself a little better and since I’ve been here, I have learned so much about the way SEO works. I won’t claim that I completely understand it or that I know how to do SEO, but I understand the concept and components of it much better.

Even as I continue to make the FAQ sheet, I am reading questions with words that I’ve never heard of before. It has been a good reminder that just because I’ll graduate in a year with a Bachelor of Science in Communications, I’m not guaranteed a job anywhere. School can only teach you so much. It takes using what you’ve learned and applying it to the real world. You’ve got to be prepared not to know it all.

In our conversation a couple of days ago, Scot reminded me how often he has to sit and do research of his own, learning new things, especially when it comes to the internet. The way that SEO was done even just two months ago is different from how it is done today. “But in this ever changing world in which we live in” don’t you give in and cry. Live and let live.

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