RevBuilders presents Time and Task Management: Time Management Includes Breaks. Surprise! You were hoping I was all done with this, weren’t you? This is simply a quick blog and note to say that your time management (and prioritization) does need to include…breaks. That’s right, breaks. There’s a lot of evidence (a ton of evidence) that you do not diminish your return on work by taking breaks, but actually, in some cases, you increase your efficiency. Particularly with desk jobs I’ve noticed this is true, as sitting for hours is not the most particularly healthy thing for the body.

RevBuilders presents Time and Task Management: 6 of 6 – If Emergency, Re-Prioritize – Step 5: If an emergency comes up, or you reach the end of your list, stop and do another prioritization. So, you’re moving on down your task list, and everything’s going smoothly…until you get that email, or that phone call. It’s the all-time critical, emergency fire that you absolutely have to do, and your priority list doesn’t matter. Or, you hit the end of your prioritized task list for the day, and it’s only noon, and you’ve got five hours left. What now?