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by Tamara R.
Squishy Marketing is a Part of Business!What?

No, seriously. Marketing is squishy.

How, you ask? Well, I’ll explain: marketing is this little orange jelly and it’s got a texture like—oh, you mean for real?

I say that marketing is squishy because it is not as concrete as construction, nor as abstract as art. And I think many industries fall into this category, not just “marketing.” Any consulting services are “squishy” – intangible, but yet still a cornerstone of the business building model.

One of the hardest parts of being a business owner, I would imagine, is grasping onto the intangible hard enough to make it a part of the company structure, but not so hard that you squeeze all the creative juices out of it until it’s a flat shell tucked in a corner somewhere.

Marketing is More Than a Lead-Generator
Marketing itself is an intangible because the purpose of marketing is so much more than just creating leads. Good marketing should produce leads, yes, but no one process is a guaranteed to generate leads. To make matters squishier, different companies and different industries will find that different kinds of marketing do different things for them. They might even find that the same kind of marketing yields radically different results between different industries! It’s one of the reasons RevBuilders prefers a holistic approach to marketing for a company – we can’t say “Search Engine Optimization is all you need!” In reality, a statement like that won’t be true for the majority of businesses. Should a business invest in search engine optimization for their website? Yes. But, that shouldn’t be where all of their marketing efforts (and budget!) go.

Therefore, marketing at its best is squishy. It needs to be a part of the business without being stiff. It cannot be necessarily relied on to bring leads, and yet good and continuous marketing does produce results, even if the results are all “intangible.” Intangible results include branding your business and building customer trust in your company. And yes, good and continuous marketing does bring in leads – sometimes just not in a tangible or quantifiable way.

Your thoughts?

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Tamara Schaad

Writing has been a long-time love of mine, and RevBuilders offers me a wide variety of opportunities to hone my skills in written communication. I also love making plans and processes, and to serve both our team and our customers in a number of ways, making sure that everyone involved in the day-to-day operations is happy.