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If your company has an identity crisis, you are not alone. Many businesses online are still unsure of their corporate identity. However, just because you share a problem with many businesses does not mean it is a problem to be ignored.  You need to find out who you are so the rest of the world can know as well. You need to develop a brand. A brand consists of three basic parts: a logo, a slogan, and a voice.

Creating a Logo

The first step of branding is to create a logo.  Your logo needs to be recognizable so people will immediately identify the logo with your product or service. One thing which all of the biggest businesses today have in common is that they all have a logo. This is because they have established themselves in part through logos and branding.  Thus, you want to find a solid and well designed logo that will identify your company to the world.

When attempting to build a brand, never use a generic logo. Instead, create a logo that will stand out from the crowd. You want it to be noticed immediately, so it needs to be original and unique.

Developing a Strong Slogan

Once you have your logo, you need a slogan.  Slogans accompany your logo and let everyone know who you are and what you stand for. You have heard slogans throughout your life and many have likely stuck with you. Slogans are powerful because they can be easily internalized by people who hear them. Now, you can use this technique in order to create a slogan that will stick with others.Â

Having a Voice

Internet marketing efforts will give your company brand its voice.  Articles, social networking and other internet marketing strategies will all contribute to the overall image of the company, because they show that you want to get your message out to the people.  As people see your message, you will develop a brand.

It is important to note that branding is not an overnight process.  In order for branding to be effective, time has to be spent growing the brand.  It does not and cannot happen immediately. Instead, a solid plan must be developed and employed effectively by the company.

In addition, branding is a lifelong process. Once your company becomes branded, you need to take steps to ensure that it stays branded.  Your brand has to stay in the minds of the people in order for it to be effective. The only way you will be able to effectively keep your brand in the mind of the consumer is through this sustained marketing effort.

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