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video-indexVideos have become one of the most powerful ways to market a business. Because of that, more companies are including videos on their website than ever before. The problem is, though, most people do not know how to index their videos. Without proper indexing, the videos do not show up in Google’s search results. You need the videos to show up in search results so you can use them to attract people to your website.

The question is, then, how do you index your videos?

The answer is much simpler than you probably expected. Just as you need a regular sitemap that houses all of your website information, you need a sitemap for your videos. Then, your videos will be indexed and will show up in search results.

Your video sitemap should consist of all information related to the videos. You will put the title, thumbnail images, URL and video duration in the sitemap. In addition, you will put keywords in your sitemap. You need to think of keywords that relate to the videos. In addition, consider the types of keywords web surfers would type into a search engine. Once you come up with a list, include them in your sitemap.

Once the information for the site map is gathered, people must update the URL of the sitemap. They can do this through the webmasters tool or robots.txt file. Once they do that, their videos will start showing up in search results.

sitemapOnce the sitemap is created, companies must continue to update it. For instance, if you put new videos on your website, you need to include them in your sitemap. Otherwise, Google will only display some of your videos in search results.
Videos will transform your website. The internet has changed the way people grab onto information. At one time, they would read a newspaper. Then, they would read a website. Now, though, people want information to be provided in the simplest form possible, which is a video. Put videos on your website, and include them in your sitemap. Then, you will be able drive traffic to your website.

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