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seoThough it would have been considered a moot point even just a little over a decade ago, today it’s a burning question whether to go for a strictly SEO company or hire a more comprehensive marketing firm’s services. Plenty a CEO must find themselves in the hot seat when this topic comes up, and due to a lot of speculative rumors that float about regarding the “best marketing practices” today, it can be hard to acquire the right knowledge to make the wiser choice. Ultimately, there are cases where the former will be the best option and other cases where it will be the latter option: it all comes down to the particular circumstances of the company at hand.

For example, a company that has a solid and long-standing in-house marketing staff—with more than sufficient resources to make convincing press releases, handle customers’ queries, and so forth—will probably choose to hire an exclusively SEO company. That’s because they probably don’t have the in-house expertise to launch and manage an effective search engine optimization campaign, but have got pretty much every other aspect of marketing down to a T.

Surely a company that neither has a good marketing staff (in the traditional sense) nor any qualified SEO staff will be inclined to go the route of the full-service marketing firm. Such a company has nothing to lose and everything to gain from following this path.

Some companies simply have no need for many traditional marketing techniques, and prefer to practically exclusively focus on online marketing initiatives. This is the case for specific companies with even more specific target audiences: for example, a company specializing in hi-tech gadgetry aimed at computer experts is likely to get their message across more than effectively enough with e-advertising, as the intended customers are highly connected by default. To reiterate, only companies in a very few niches can afford to make this call, and only if they are ready to pour lots of effort into the SEO side of things.

For most run of the mill companies, there really is no substitute for a comprehensive marketing firm that can tackle all their needs and produce one consolidated bill. The more impressive such specimens can house an incredibly diverse set of skills under one roof, and that is a major asset for any company in need of marketing assistance. Such firms will not only be able to tackle your SEO work, but they will tackle the copywriting work that complements and fills out said work. Furthermore, as most companies cannot afford to abandon traditional avenues of marketing, such firms can help in the drafting of press releases and reaching strategic decisions on message content.

Furthermore, these kinds of broad, inclusive marketing firms can help you land new online revenue opportunities such as pay per click advertisements. The money garnered from these channels, though on a minor scale at least to begin with, can end up subsidizing a good portion of online marketing initiatives in the future, and is one thing that you won’t find any exclusively-SEO company offering to do for you.

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Guided by one his favorite songs “The Impossible Dream” Scot is constantly reaching for the unreachable star. It’s this passion for success and achievement that drives him to create success for RevBuilders Marketing and its clients. Scot founded RevBuilders Marketing in 2002 and it provides an integrated approach to SEO, SEM, SMM, web design and marketing automation services. Scot currently serves on the advisory board of the Middleburg Bank. Find him at @scotsmall or @revbuilders