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seo-roundup It’s been another big week for search engine optimization. The major players have come out once again to battle for top position and become the frontrunner in the world of SEO. AS the battle rages on, speed is in, Bing is out and mobile ads are changing.

Google is off to the races, and your site needs to get its running shoes on. If your site loads slowly, it may end up on the sidelines instead of crossing the finish line. Google has added speed to its list of ranking tools, and the slow loading sites are going to the bottom of the heap. It’s time to speed up or ship out. Have your site tested to make sure it will not be penalized for loading slowly.
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Next, Bing showed the SEO world that it is human after all. The junior search engine has been growing in leaps and bounds, but there is one thing it has yet to tackle: Apple. Many speculated Bing would be able to capitalize on the rocky relationship between Google and Apple and become Apple’s search engine of choice. However, the preview version of the iPhone’s new OS operating system was released, and Bing was nowhere to be found. Apparently, Apple would rather partner its enemies than its competitors, as Google is in and Bing is out.
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While Bing was licking its wounds, Twitter was jumping into the ring with a new ad platform. For the first time ever, advertiser sponsored tweets will be displayed atop the search results on Twitter. One ad will be displayed at a time, and will correspond with the user’s search term. The world will be watching to see if sponsored ads soar or flop. While the idea is promising, will people read and retweet ads? The system is depending on user interaction, and its success or failure remains to be seen.
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s5Speaking of ads, Apple also wants a piece of the pie. Apple has just announced iAd, which will be released with its new OS operating system. iAd will encourage an interactive relationship between the advertiser and consumer. The ads will be placed in apps, and are expected to create an emotional response. Most insiders expect this method will change the way businesses advertise. Is your business ready to tackle the next stage of online advertising?
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As you can see, SEO is constantly changing. From the battles between the search engines to the different advertising platforms available, businesses must stay on top of the changes so they can make informed decisions at all times. By understanding what is going on in the world of SEO, companies can advertise effectively and efficiently.

Stay tuned next week to see what is going on in the world of search engine optimization. Find out who is in, who is out and who is changing in SEO.

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