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seat-belt(1)Buckle Up!

Buckle your seat belt, because it’s been a wild week in the world of SEO.  Facebook wants to be king of the world, but not if that means it has to go head to head with Twitter.  AdWords made a game changing move, and bad spellers around the world can rest easy.

Will Facebook Rule the World?

First, Facebook is trying to become even more powerful.  The social networking site is working to take over the entire internet, one-step at a time. This week, it is going head to head with sites like Digg.  In order to compete with Digg, Facebook has announced its newest feature, which is the “Like” button.  The button will allow people to “Like” content without even logging into their Facebook accounts.  People can browse the internet, find content they like and hit the “Like” button.  What does it mean for your business? Click here for full story

Twitter Does not Want to Compete with Facebook

As Facebook is moving up with its “Like” feature, it’s stepping away from its head to head competition with Twitter.  The social networking giant has put an end to Facebook Lite.  Facebook Lite was a scaled down version of the social networking site.  It allowed people with slow internet connections (namely those in India, Russia and China) to log in and get some of the features of Facebook without the loading lag that comes with the feature rich site.  Others felt Facebook Lite was going head to head with Twitter.  Whatever the case may be, the plug was pulled.  Facebook will have to find a new way to grab some of Twitter’s users.  Click here for full story

You Can never Hide!

AdWords is also changing its game this week. It just announced a new feature called Google Remarketing.   Google Remarketing promises to change the advertising game.  Now, you can begin to cash in on those people who have visited your site in the past. Google Remarketing will search through the Google content network for people who have visited your site.  Then, those people will have your ads displayed directly to them.  With Google Remarketing, you can seek out those missed opportunities and make some money.  Click here for full story

No Spelling Required!

Google has also made a big change to its search engine.  It is finally putting a stop to the practice of picking on people who cannot spell.  At one time, businesses had to worry that spelling errors would keep them from getting traffic.  Because of that, they did a variety of tricks, such as including misspelled keywords in their sites.  The results weren’t pretty.  Now, Google has unveiled a new search engine that automatically corrects misspelled words.  This is great for many businesses.  However, a business named “Quik Klean” may want to rethink its marketing strategy.  Click here for full story

As you can imagine, these changes can directly affect your business.  Find out how to make Facebook, AdWords and Google work for you.  Use these changes to your advantage and increase your revenue. 

Stay tuned next week for the SEO wrap up.  Find out which companies are making the big moves, and which companies are falling behind.

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