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It’s been another eventful week in SEO. Yahoo! proved it’s still in the game, AT&T made an appearance, and Blinkx has changed the way people advertise. Yahoo & Samsung

yahoo-samsungYahoo! put one in the win column this week. The search engine signed a deal with Samsung. Yahoo! is going to be the default search engine for Samsung’s line of mobile phones. While Samsung is far from the iPhone or the Android, it does mean Yahoo! may be able to increase its market share. Just when people thought they could count Yahoo! out, it is coming back swinging. Companies should not ignore Yahoo! when optimizing their websites and marketing campaigns. The company is still relevant, even though it can’t catch up to Google or Bing. Click here for full story

local-search-yahooIs Yahoo going to change local search?
Speaking of Yahoo!, the company is working to reinvent itself on a local level. It has just unveiled its newest local feature. Now, people can use the local search to look for menu items. Do you want to know what restaurant serves up a BLT? Type it into the search, and menu results will come back. This is exciting, even if you don’t serve food. Menu items are probably only the beginning. Yahoo!’s local search could end up changing the game in local marketing. In the future, your inventory could appear in local search results. Think about what that would do for your business. Click here for full story

at-buzzDid you hear that Buzz?
Yahoo! is not the only company that wants to change the way local searches work. AT&T has just launched the beta version of AT&T Buzz. People can rate local businesses when they use this feature. This could become a very powerful marketing tool for businesses. If your customers like what you deliver, they could spread the word on Buzz. That means good customer service and quality products are more important than ever before.
blinkxVideo search by Blinkx
Blinkx, the video search engine giant, is also stepping up its advertising game. Blinkx has launched a new advertising platform, which will match ads based on a person’s previous viewing habits. That means advertising dollars will be better spent. People will see relevant ads and be more likely to click on them. Highly targeted ads generate results, which is why this is such exciting news. Do your customers search through videos? If so, you may want to look at what Blinkx can do. Click here for full story

competitionIt’s been a whirlwind week in SEO. Companies are heating up, and the competition is getting fierce. These companies are reinventing themselves in order to generate more business and better serve their customers. How will you use these businesses to take your company to the next level?
Stay tuned next week to find out what is going on in the world of SEO. Find out who’s moving up, who’s moving out and who is taking over in SEO. Oh and of course if you would like to compete online – all you have to do is bring in the experts from RevBuilders Marketing.

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