For those of you who are outgoing, and would love nothing more than to simply sit down with a group of potential buyers and tell them what makes your product the breakthrough that they need, rather than having to sequester yourself in a room and stare at a word processor trying to conjure up the same words you would tell them to their face, I have a secret for you: You can write with impact. Yes, you! There’s an interesting psychology to writing; everybody believes that it is different from speaking somehow, and that it’s harder. I have a lot of experience writing, however, and I’m here to assure you that if you can give a good speech or a good sales pitch, then you can write it down (the inverse, it turns out, is not always true). The key is to let yourself ignore the rules until you have something to work with.

SEOs and web designers: How hard do you consider these two things? In my mind, it seems like these would be extremely difficult for a good website to improve upon, and so I wind up going back and forth in my head whether link-building is the tiebreaker, and therefore important to consider for companies that already have stellar user experience and a well-optimized load time, or if it really is distracting us from trying to connect with our customers in new and exciting ways.

When someone you meet types in that URL, what are they going to see? Is it going to reflect everything that you talked about in your little 30-second speech? Is it going to portray the same level of professionalism, and is it going to make perfectly clear what it is your company does? Does it interest, entice, and excite like this speech?

Email marketing – and content for that matter – is all about reward, and rewarding in tidbits that trains people to look for your content, to expect it, savor it, share it, and so forth. I think sometimes we get caught up into over-thinking what it is that “consumers want” when really, who are consumers? People. And what do people want? Rewards. Recipes. Small bits of treasures at predictable, timely moments that are easily digestible.