Sometimes, particularly as a small business owner, you can’t really do infographics, let alone invest in a ton of stock photos and pretty graphics. I understand this – I’ve seen how much these things can take in terms of time and money. Maybe having a blog with even one picture is a huge deal! I understand. However, as the article points out, we are a visual culture overwhelmed with information. This very blog is threatening to lose your interest with too many words, not enough sub-headlines, and no bullet points (except the ones below). I’m breaking my own rules. I digress, so let’s get to the point – how to help your content be more visual:

I think the design of a company’s website is one of the most underestimated decisions, as well as the most under-discussed and under-developed decisions, that a business owner or manager can make for their website. It can be hard for people to grasp, but website design is a lot like building a house, or an office. Without a goal you are building haphazardly.