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From my wonderful team to our incredible customers, I have been stretched in so many different ways.. As I mentioned last time, we are on a quest at RevBuilders Marketing to make 2013 our break-out year by implementing some internal changes. It will be bumpy, but in the end it will be beneficial for all.
RevBuilders Marketing Three Golden Nuggets

The key to having a break- out year is for me to get out of the way and let the talented team I have built shine in ways that they have never shined before. This past month, I have been finding myself dipping my fingers in places they do not belong.

My thoughts in sharing my journey in this blog is that other business owners or control freaks, such as myself could learn and discover great gems of truth about themselves through my falling, making mistakes, and winning some victories along the way. I may be a little to open, but I am willing to risk it.

So here are the 3 Golden Nuggets I have learned so far.

Golden Nugget 1

It is going to take time to fully turn things over and I cannot stress over it.

My wonderful wife always tells me that my expectations are sometimes way too high. When I hear this my first reaction is, that is crazy, how can you have too high of an expectation?  I have always heard by all the great motivational speakers – you don’t get what you don’t expect. Well I am learning you can expect some things too fast. So I will simply just relax and understand that knowledge transfer takes time, but doing it a little at a time is well worth the longtime investment.

There is a lot of stuff in my mind- in terms of sharing with my staff and it has been more challenging than I thought in getting it all out in a productive way that is usable to my staff and myself.  Getting this information sorted out will take a little longer than I thought. Now if anyone has a line of those programs that they used in the Matrix where they plugged  a cable into the back of your head and whammo you became a master of 27 different subjects instantly, I would love to talk to you.

But until such time – I will continue along in the old fashion way. I will take the time to train my staff in the ways they should go.

Golden Nugget 2

We are great at something’s and not so great at others.

This was a hard lesson for me.. I had a client meeting late on Friday. One I was honestly not looking forward to having. As the meeting began you could cut the stress in the room with a knife. I was battling inside on how I was going to handle what I knew was coming – I am not happy Scot and it is your fault. I did not want to have an emotional reaction. I knew very well that in some area of what we were doing for this client we were having a lack luster performance. , but for some reason everything in me wanted to deny it. Has this ever happened to you? I believe it is a natural reaction to save our egos by deflecting blame. I was determined not to let this happen.

To get to the bottom line –The client and I came to an agreement that we are not yet the best in project management, and we sometimes let things take longer than they should. However, we agreed that we are the best when it comes to SEO – organic search optimization.. We worked out a resolution and all the stress in the room vanished. The customer at the end said –“I am relieved. I was worried. We love working with you and we wanted to find a way to still work with you”

A couple of lessons from this meeting.

Review the contractual agreements you have and ask yourself and the client whether the agreement is set up to help move the business relationship towards the goals. In this case it was not, so we restructured it so it would support our relationship, not damage it.  Admit what you are not good at and show how you are going to work at doing better. I explained to my client our Tuesday huddles, where my staff and I are working to create better systems so we can deliver at a higher level consistently. Most folks are reasonable. If they are not you may want to look at ending the business relationship. Life is short.

Golden Nugget 3

Time management really does matter.

I got so much more accomplished just because I took 30 min to review my week and scheduled out all my tasks. I did not even get 25% of them completed because I tried to schedule way too many at a time, but the fact remains I accomplished at least twice what I normally would have.

In terms of my new leash on time management, at the end of each week I will take 15minutes or so to review the week. Looking at all the things I did right and kind of giving myself a high five. Then I look at those things that did not go as planned and quickly review what I could have done to improve the outcome and make note of it In this way, I take something that may be giving me negative stress and turn it into a positive situation in my mind and I can feel good about it.

This one 15 minute exercise I expect will revolutionize my productivity and my enjoyment at the same time. I will keep you posted.

Do you have any lessons to offer that could be helpful to others? Please share them and let us all learn together.

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