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RevBuilders: The Steps to Task and Time Management Can Seem DifficultTime and Task Management: 1 of 6

I’m not going to pretend to be super-knowledgeable about managing time or tasks (known at RevBuilders as to-do’s, actually, but tasks is a little easier to write). However, I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot about the management of time and tasks, and I wish I would have known a lot of this when I first started working at RevBuilders (and even in my prior work at an automobile repair shop).

Keep in mind that even as I write this series of blogs, I’m reading a book that is helping me to more clearly not just make to-dos but to actually define them, to give a process to everything that comes in. I will probably have to redo this series of Time and Task Management blogs, but that’s alright – in the meantime, I hope you can find something of use here!

Time and Task Management are Inter-Related
It can’t be helped. What you spend your time doing is dependent on what task you prioritize the highest, and what task you prioritize the highest depends on how much time you have. I’ve found that this is what, for so long, kept me at bay from better-managing myself and my work. What this means is that as you are working on one or the other in your planning, you must be working on the other at about the same time.

But, that’s just an overarching statement, and I have a feeling more people will understand that concept than I did. Business does not come naturally to me, I must admit, and there are a lot of things I’ve had to learn – this was one of them. Now, on to the bread and butter that you came here to read:

Step 1: Be realistic about your time, and about how much time you really have.

Step 2: Schedule when you will do your prioritization.

Step 3: Prioritize.

Step 4: Work down your list, and stay only on the task you are on until you cannot do anything more with it.

Step 5: If an emergency comes up, or you reach the end of your list, stop and do another prioritization.

And that’s pretty much it! In the next five blogs I’m going to focus on each step to give you a little more insight into my mind (if you’re brave enough).

Time and Task Management Series:

5 Steps to More Effective Time and Task Management (1 of 6)
Be Realistic About Time (2 of 6)
Schedule Time for Prioritization (3 of 6)
Prioritize (4 of 6)
Work Down the Prioritized List (5 of 6)
If Emergency Re-Prioritize (6 of 6)
Time and Task Management Includes Break (Bonus)

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Tamara Schaad

Writing has been a long-time love of mine, and RevBuilders offers me a wide variety of opportunities to hone my skills in written communication. I also love making plans and processes, and to serve both our team and our customers in a number of ways, making sure that everyone involved in the day-to-day operations is happy.