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Email Marketing Recipe for Readers Means Cookies and Puppies In Your Content!

While searching for a blog topic for today’s post, I received a notice that Jamie with Sigma College of Business had posted an article via social media outlets. I’ve always found that he shares really interesting stuff, so when I had a few minutes to read, I checked out the article. It was a great article, and I’ve posted the link below if you’re curious. However, today’s blog post is not about that article, but about two links I found in that article:

These two posts were just phenomenal. I almost don’t even want to write anything and just tell you to go read them. Seriously. Go read. However, for those that prefer my style of writing (or, more than likely, you don’t want to go read anything else just yet), here’s the gist of it: food.

What, you ask? Yes, food! I read both articles, and you know what I got out of them? Delicious, yummy cookies, and a recipe to make cookies!

I bet half of you just went to click the articles now. I mean, the “Betty Crocker” part kind of made sense, but how did “Treat Your Readers Like Dogs” have anything to do with food?

It’s all about reward, and rewarding in tidbits that trains people to look for your content, to expect it, savor it, share it, and so forth. I think sometimes we get caught up into over-thinking what it is that “consumers want” when really, who are consumers? People. And what do people want? Rewards. Recipes. Small bits of treasures at predictable, timely moments that are easily digestible.

Emails Should Have Both Sweetness And Breadth
If your reader knows that each issue of your email marketing campaign will have powerful insights into the economy, or maybe hilarious jokes that lighten their day, or cute picture of animals, or even a recipe for food in fact – and they treasure this – they will count on your email! This doesn’t mean that your entire email should be nothing but cute animal pictures, but if you can tie those cute animal pictures (the desserts) with powerful insights into the economy (the sustenance, or meal), your readers now have quick rewards with longer-lasting value. Your emails will have both sweetness and breadth, and readers will either take just the sweet, just the bread, or both together, and you’ve just increased your regular attendees.

Rewards Aren’t Just For Email Marketing Either
I know I’m speaking more specifically about email marketing, but this doesn’t have to apply to just emails. I want to apply this sweetness and breadth to my content writing in all aspects as well – blog posts, whitepaper articles, even single-sentence sweet-bread posts when marketing via social media! These are all applicable areas to train readers to look for rewards, and reward them for their loyalty.

This isn’t easy. On the contrary, to do this effectively, takes a lot of upfront thought! I’m already looking at RevBuilders’ planned emailer for the month, wondering if this fits up to such a high standard. Such “quick and easy” writing with both sweetness and breadth is not simple. However, for effective email marketing – or any content writing – it is necessary for a good, happy readership.

Oh, and here is the original article that Jamie shared.

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