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GAINESVILLE, Va., January 30, 2013 – As part of their efforts to help McLean, Va.-based IT solutions company Reach Systems develop a strong online presence, RevBuilders Marketing recently launched a new brand development for the IP-based access control systems provider. The rebranding includes a new logo and typography for use on marketing collateral such as whitepapers, brochures, business cards, and the company’s website, which is also undergoing a redesign as part of the rebranding effort.

“We collaborate with all of our clients in the rebranding effort,” says Scot Small, President of RevBuilders Marketing. “The result with Reach has been a new brand that fits both the overall image of the industry and the specific image that Reach Systems wants to convey to its clients. We expect the new brand to be successful in bringing more awareness to the company.”

Reach Systems is a service provider specializing in network engineering, network outsourcing, security engineering and virtualization. “The new brand is more than just a ‘me-too’ in that market,” says Small. “We researched a wide variety of companies in numerous industries to develop the branding materials so that the resulting brand and website was a true representation of Reach’s vision.”

“We’re excited about the new brand,” says Shannon Mashaal of Reach Systems. “RevBuilders was very helpful in helping us to put out an image that truly reflects our professionalism and our desire to provide the best solutions for our clients, as well as our commitment to transparency and a focus on total cost of ownership to avoid giving clients expensive servers and services not relevant to their business.”

“We hope that the new brand better reflects Reach System’s mission and goals as an IT solutions provider,” says Small. The new brand has already been printed on some marketing collateral, and further branding efforts will continue for the company in the form of a new website which is currently in development. “Not only will it include the brand, but it will be a cleaner presentation and also update some information on the site.”

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For over ten years, RevBuilders Marketing has been providing various online marketing services to clients throughout the United States. Located in Gainesville, Va., RevBuilders Marketing works with all aspects of online marketing, including SEO, PPC campaign management, web design, online branding, press releases, and blog writing services. Visit RevBuilders.com for more information.

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