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Starting a new business can pose a lot of risk, and may scare off a number of would-be business owners. However, even in the down economy, there are still some that desire to start ventures, and Dr. Geoff Heddle is one such person. To make the beginning of his practice easier, Dr. Heddle has hired RevBuilders Marketing, an SEO company, to create a brand for him, design a new website, and then help him market the website with SEO services (search engine optimization) tactics.

Dr. Heddle is a certified optometrist that uses developmental and behavioral models, such as vision therapy. “Too many people have “20/20” vision yet still have vision problems that a normal eye exam won’t catch due to a number of reasons. I want to help people correct these issues.”

Vision disorders, including convergence insufficiency and amblyopia, can cause a variety of problems, manifesting themselves in blurred vision, double vision, even headaches, poor motor skills, and sometimes even ADD or ADHD-like characteristics. Vision therapy involves training the eye and brain to work together cohesively, and is used to overcome vision disorders, sometimes completely eradicating the issue.

“Vision therapy isn’t magic,” Dr. Heddle says. “It’s like physical therapy – it takes time and work and practice. Yet with the right kind of vision therapy, children and even adults that have vision disorders can correct and even surpass them.”

When asked why he’s starting off his business with a marketing company, Dr. Heddle pointed to the fact that the Internet dominates. “Most businesses aren’t really found in the Yellow Pages anymore. So I need a website. On top of that, I know enough that a brand new website is not going to rank well in the search engines, so I need SEO to show Google and other search engines that I’m worth finding.”

“Although SEO still takes time, having someone dedicated to the task of SEO can definitely speed up the process of helping a brand new website rank,” says Scot Small, President and CEO of RevBuilders Marketing. “On top of that, there are many worthwhile websites that will never be found because those websites aren’t optimized for Google or other search engines to find them. Simply put, if you don’t know what Google is looking for and don’t work to be what they want, you may get left behind. Dr. Geoff Heddle is ahead of the game, working to dominate his marketing from the moment his practice starts.”

Dr. Geoff Heddle’s new website is pending the branding process, but is expected to launch in September of 2012.

About Dr. Geoff Heddle
Located in Osceola, In., Dr. Geoff Heddle is a certified optometrist that specializes in developmental and behavioral models, such as vision therapy.

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