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What’s #trendingrightnow !?  Have you come across this while wading through social media? If you have, #batkid, #georgezimmerman, #WashingtonIL & #XBoxOne where most liking showing up in your feeds this week. But trending for this YEAR, in the world of web design, has been “Flat UI”. UI (User interface) trends just like any other topic; like fashion, or vacation destinations, or TV shows…but never in same grandiose terms as those perviously mentioned.

You will never see Flat UI examples on the cover of US Weekly while checking out from you grocer. TMZ is not broadcasting stories and paying paparazzi for between and through the bushes photos of AKQA’s latest interface options…but should they be?

Believe it or not, Flat UI probably has a greater impact on your daily life then any isle-lined magazine’s cover story, or that 7:30 TV show about Hollywood’s flat-lining stars (mind the pun).

Log into Google and use Flat UI. Checkout with PayPal and click another flat button. Even reading about Richard Branson will take you to a newly redesigned site, with of course flat UI. Apple iOS7 updated their icons to a “flatter” design, and the jury is still out for most users. But what does this mean? Why should you care?

To be honest, it’s not the visual aesthetic of a design that makes a difference here. What actually matters is that a certain design IS TRENDING. Trends are an indicator to what society, and most importantly, its consumers are choosing to pay attention to, and where they are spending their money. So when something starts to trend, you better pay attention, before you trend into the history books.

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"I have a great passion for the visual aesthetic, and an even greater passion for incorporating these great tools of communication into promotional and marketing strategies. Being able to design, direct and implement elements that transforms a perception is such a rewarding task."