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We are one month in to 2013. Are you on track to hitting your personal and business goals? Or is this a question you would rather not ask yourself?


Some big decisions have been made here at RevBuilders Marketing
and we are on track to getting them implemented. But boy oh boy is it hard.
One thing that I realized about myself, which I would have denied before going through this process of change, is that I am indubitably a control freak.

There, I admit it. I am a control freak. I am annoyed if things are not done in the manner in which I want. But this is really no surprise to many of you who are entrepreneurs – it is our very nature to control.

I have found it is what drives many to start up a business in the first place – the boss drives you so crazy because whatever he or she is doing, you can do better. Am I right?

So how is it that the very thing that is a big part of your drive to succeed is also the very thing that will drive you to the poor house?

Let Go Already!
If you cannot discover how to let go and let others, who are at least as equally as talented or smart as you, take over, then you are destined to utter and complete failure as a business owner. Or at least your business will always be at a level that it is big enough to pay you nicely, but also is going to kill you early because you are doing everything and taking on too much.

This is the epiphany I came to – I needed selectively to relinquish control to grow my business to larger heights. This is not uncommon, but I feel pretty stupid I did not figure this out sooner. Time to Give It Up!

Big Decisions at RevBuilders Marketing
So what are the big decisions we have made at RevBuilders Marketing? To get me out of managing projects and the day to day implementation of our solutions and back into what I do best – develop ideas and strategies, as well as sell. It was a painful thing to admit, but I am really bad at details and the day to day management of projects,. so I am stepping down and letting my team shine by allowing them  take over. I have some of the most amazing talent on our team. We have always had the best when it comes to SEO – or search engine optimization. We are known for it. If you want to dominate in the organic rankings, we are the “go to” SEO Company.

But wow, how things change – we have grown in so many ways and have added some incredible talent in other areas as well – like Matt Thomas our Senior Graphic Designer, what he designs blows my mind. Crazy talented!

Not only that,  he is off the charts online savvy and smart (He is younger than I) and this is one of the big changes — he is being given the added responsibility of managing the SEO team and leading them to greater success then I could ever hope to achieve. He will also be taking over all project management of our talented web and applications developers. I expect our customers’ satisfaction will drastically increase from mostly happy to just flat out overjoyed, excited and fired up.

Any good creative new job tiles ideas you have for Matt would be appreciated.

A Growing Powerhouse
Not only are we becoming a power house in branding and graphic design, but we have another young talent in Nathan Schaab. He has been managing our content writing and has been impressing our clients with some off the charts writing. Also, he has been steadily improving our group of writers over the last 6 months and now manages a group of 6, very talented writers, including himself. At full disclosure – I am writing this myself , so do not use this as an example of what we can do, for I am not a writer.

Nathan also is blistering smart. It humbles me how his combination of writing skills and his keen insight into how numbers translate into human behavior allows him to be the perfect match for taking over the management of the paid search team. He is far more qualified than I am and I am sure under his direction and leadership our customers will see even more stellar results in the paid search team.

Getting Back
As for me, I am going to start having some fun again. I will be out conducting workshops and seminars, as well as attending networking events, renewing existing connections and making new contacts. I will be selling, which for some strange reason I like. When I know that what we do can help a company get where they want to go – it is not selling for me – it is helping. It is partnering with them and working just as hard to help them reach their goals as if they were our own – because they are.

I will still be involved with all of our customers I will be more involved at the strategic level, these are the skills I have and I need to make sure that I am giving to our customers the best part of me.

A Real Commitment to Improvement

We have committed Tuesdays to be a full day of nothing but brainstorming and process improvement with minimum customer contact. This day is going to be what will allow us to perform at our highest level and deliver to our clients more than they expect.
Not only that, and yes this may get a little fluffy for some of you, I have a dream to bring truth back to the marketplace. We live in a world where trust has evaporated. It must return.

So there you have it. We are on track. I am sure we will have bumps in the transition, there always are because change is never easy, but we will come out better on the other side.

What things or control do you need to give up so you can be your best for your customers or even more importantly be your best for your family?

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Guided by one his favorite songs “The Impossible Dream” Scot is constantly reaching for the unreachable star. It’s this passion for success and achievement that drives him to create success for RevBuilders Marketing and its clients. Scot founded RevBuilders Marketing in 2002 and it provides an integrated approach to SEO, SEM, SMM, web design and marketing automation services. Scot currently serves on the advisory board of the Middleburg Bank. Find him at @scotsmall or @revbuilders