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by Nathan S
Businesses interested in managing a Google+ page through multiple accounts have, until recently, had to deal with some measure of frustration: The current Google+ pages do not yet support management through multiple accounts.

In other words, for each Google+ page, there is exactly one account attached to it. However, while Google+ pages have not yet developed support for management through multiple accounts, Google recently granted access to its API to six third-party app developers. These six developers were granted access with the specific goal of developing a management solution for business owners: Buddy Media, Hootsuite, Involver, Virtue, Hearsay Social and Context Optional.

The goal is clear from Google: Provide a means for business owners to manage their Google+ accounts and to delegate this task to other workers. The third-party layer will be available as a point of contact for multiple accounts, providing a “portal” through which people can manage business circles and publish to the account. This provides Google+ developers the time necessary to create a sufficiently robust system for managing multiple account access to the same Page. Alternately, it provides Google the option of not developing such a system directly on their site, though with Google, I would say it’s only a matter of time before they offer multiple access directly on their site.

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