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Time and task management should include breaks.

Surprise! You were hoping I was all done with this, weren’t you?

This is simply a quick blog and a note of encouragement to say that your time and task management (and prioritization) does need to include…breaks.

break [breyk] noun – a brief respite or interval between two actions: a break from one’s toil*

That’s right, breaks. There’s a lot of evidence (a ton of evidence) that you do not diminish your return on work by taking breaks, but actually, in some cases, you increase your efficiency. Particularly with desk jobs I’ve noticed this is true, as sitting for hours is not the most particularly healthy thing for the body.

I’m not always the best about it, but I sometimes actually set a timer on my desktop’s browser to sound an alarm about every thirty minutes it goes off. When it does, I stop what I’m doing (or quickly find a stopping point), look out a window, and stretch. Every other break or every three breaks I actually make sure to stand up, take a restroom break (more just to move my legs), and I always, always, benefit from it.

And so will you! I know sometimes you have to attend to the Critical tasks in your business and you honestly can’t take even a pause every thirty minutes on those days. On the flip side, if you are constantly reacting to fires, something’s wrong, perhaps either with the business or with how you manage your tasks, or perhaps both.

I tend to over-emphasize troubles into catastrophes, and can quickly stop taking breaks when I feel as if to take a break would be to condemn a task and fail. I also still have to remind myself that it is mentally and physically beneficial to take breaks.

The Online Stopwatch has been useful for this – check it out here.

So take care of yourself. Budget and prioritize your time and your tasks and include some breaks – they are healthy for you.

*“break” definition provided by World English Dictionaryfrom Dictionary.com.

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