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Schema.org is a website which is useful among web designers to improve the visibility of a given website. The basic concept of this website is very simple: Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all program their algorithms in a specific way. These algorithms tend to read quite a bit more than simply the content on your page when determining search relevance.

Obviously, with the recent Panda update by Google, the content of a page is the most important part of calculating a page’s relevance. That does not mean, however, that this is where it ends. Schema.org is a collection of, well, schema, which can be used to enhance the clarity of your site, making it web crawler friendly and making it more likely that the crawler views all of that quality content you have placed on your site.

Here’s an example of how schema.org works. Usually, a site will include a link to a schema.org web page in attributes for a specific “div” HTML tag. What this does is give the web crawler more information about what it is looking at, so that it can examine your content in a correct way. This can be used both to ensure that the web crawler examines your web content correctly as well as to prevent a crawler from looking at specific pages on your site (which is great for when you are working on a page).

This sort of web design approach requires only a few extra keystrokes, but knowing where to direct the crawler with those keystrokes is not always obvious. RevBuilders can optimize your site’s content as well as its schema, creating a site that is both user and web-crawler friendly so that your site dominates the search engine results. Call us today for a free SEO audit to get started on building a better website.

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