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So, I happened across this comic the other day on XKCD, describing the rocket Saturn V using, according to the author, only the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language. It’s created a bit of a buzz, and there is now a text editor you can use in order to attempt to create copy under the same restrictions. I figured it might be fun to try and explain search engine optimization using these restrictions. The results follow.

Search helps businesses get noticed on the thing that lets computers talk to each other. Often, the people who own the businesses have a spot there that they want more people to see, because they want more people to buy their stuff or pay them for what they do. That’s when it helps to have someone who knows how to make those spots show up more when people look for them. These people look at everything that makes these spots possible, from the strange words people use to tell the computer what the spot should look like to showing the people who manage the search that their spot is a good one and should be shared. Lots of businesses use these people, and some of these people try to show their spot as a better fit than it really is. This makes the people who manage the search really mad and so sometimes they will stop showing those spots.

Those who use these people then get really mad and think that all of the people who work in this area do the same thing. This is not true. There are many who try only to show those who manage search that their spot is as good as it really is, and let the people there decide whether or not to show the person searching. These people try really hard to beat the other people working on spots that would beat their spot, and so they fight over who gets to be the first ones shown to the person searching.

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