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by Becky O.

SendLabs is an online program used to automate mass emails. I was able to delve in and learn about it today. We had previously created a template for press releases that we send through email. I was able to upload that template and then insert the text from my latest press release and now it is ready to be sent out to those on our media list. I like that you can automate it to send out on a particular day and time that you determine. I spent some time in the program learning how to manipulate the folders and the content and how to create new templates.

My favorite part of the program is the information you receive from the email recipients. SendLabs creates a report on the email that you sent. It tells you information including how many people opened your email, CTR (click through rates), how many times it bounced (was undeliverable), and how many, if any, people unsubscribed from your mailing list. I guess I figured that there was a program out there somewhere that compiled all of this information together, I just didn’t know that I was going to get the opportunity to use it. SendLabs even tells you the exact dates and times the particular email was opened. You can see when people are opening your emails and be sure to send them just before your target generally checks their email. Then, your email will be on or near the top of their list to read.

As I’ve been working with WordPress on this blog and now with SendLabs, I am picking up on html code. I wouldn’t say that I can write it, but if something doesn’t look the way that it should, I can usually figure out how to go in and edit the code to make it look the way I desire it to look.

It is the end of week two and I’ve learned a ton of information. What is your favorite marketing software or online program?

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