So of course I lift the blinds up, when, with on their shirts to remind us,
Wrought in black the words “Spam Team” five men I’d never seen before.
Presently the door beside me, in a crash flung open quickly,
And with desperate whirling came he in through my office door,
The door crashing closed behind as he ran through my office door,
Leaned to it and nothing more.

The main problem in SEO is one of optimizing without “over-optimizing,” as Google puts it. This often proves to be a moving target in the eyes of many SEOs, but it really just comes down to this one simple concept: Don’t be obnoxious. Unfortunately, it is counter-intuitive to not do all of the things which Google says factors into their search algorithm when you know that other people will be doing everything they can to get a competitive edge.

Google claimed that they are now treating 410 server header page statuses as “more permanent” than 404 errors. This is in response to the fact that most webmasters are using 410 as a signal that page has once existed at a certain URL, but has now been permanently removed. Not just moved to another location (that would be a 301 redirect), but truly “gone” as the name associated with the status would imply.