Earlier this month, Google released a new update to their search page which incorporated results from Google+. This social integration meant that users who were signed in to Google+ were able to search not only the internet at large, but also the search engine giant’s new social media platform. This update has been the result

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We all know that the internet is a great, vast resource of information. However, such a resource is inevitably going to be overwhelming. How do you contribute to such a body of information without it getting lost, or worse, ignored? How do you create content that people actually want to read? These are the questions which so often get ignored. Instead, people focus on SEO Rule #1: “Content is King,” and assume that that means that more is always better.

It’s no secret that Google has been about an integrated search experience for quite some time. Google search was supplemented with Google Image search, and other features such as Google Maps and Google Shopping were quickly integrated into the main results of a basic Google search. Continuing this trend, Google is integrating Google+ information directly into search results for users logged into their Google accounts.

I know some of you are dying to know about the makings of the new Snowball and Meltin video. Whether you are entertained, amused, confused or downright disturbed and wondering at the mental stability of my mind, rest assured that I had reasons. Now, my reasons are mostly because it was fun, but in having fun I educated myself about marketing.