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Running a successful SEO campaign may seem complicated, but it’s important never to lose sight of the basics. By perfecting the nitty-gritty SEO basics, including keyword research, keyword grouping, and basic on-page components, the rest will have a much easier time falling into place.

Keyword Research
Figuring out the right keywords to focus on is one of the most important aspects of an effective SEO campaign. After all, if users aren’t finding your business’ stellar content, what’s the point of creating it in the first place? There are a number of ways to hone keyword usage to streamline SEO, and the first place to start is the landing pages you already have. What keywords are attached to your top landing pages? Already, this information can tell you a lot about what is needed to shape up other pages.

Tools for Research
One of the best ways to research is to turn to your clients. By presenting them with a survey that is engaging and easy to complete, you can gain a wealth of information about their search habits and keyword usage. Online tools are also extremely useful, such as Google’s Keyword Planner, which is designed to help you figure out new keywords to boost traffic. Another such tool is Ubersuggest.org, which provides near endless suggestions for new keywords.

Themed, well-grouped keywords are also crucial for SEO. Focus on semantic keyword groups. Tools like Google AdWords’ Keyword Grouper can be invaluable for this process.

Basic On-Page SEO Components
Finally, every component of your webpage should add to your SEO campaign. The URL of your page should be easy to remember, and individual page URLs should point to their topic. The title tag, which appears both in search engines and at the top of the browser when users click on the site, should be simple and relevant. Finally, meta descriptions are invaluable, not for search engine rankings but for user click-through.

Of course, if this is overwhelming, or you’d like to focus on your business and not on your website, contact us at RevBuilders Marketing – we are here to help!

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